You would never join one of those other Beverly Hills health clubs if you knew that they were lying to you or trying to trick you into signing up for one of their club memberships!

We’ve spent time exposing most of the other Beverly Hills health clubs out there because of their underhanded practices that they use to sucker people into signing up for one of their fitness and weight loss programs.  There are 6 cold and harsh facts about them that you need to be aware of before you sign up for one of their fitness and weight loss programs.  The sad reality is that these other California health clubs are giving the industry a bad name as a result.  Here’s what you need to know about them:

Fact #1– that other Beverly Hills health club sold you a membership when in reality, once they got your money, they were hoping (even gambling) that you would quit within a month or two of signing up for that program.

Fact #2– most of those other Beverly Hills health clubs are not sanitary and are riddled with dangerous bacteria that can make you really sick.

Fact #3– they hope you never read their membership contracts because the fine print is where hide all the “catches” and “traps”.

Fact #4– their so-called personal trainers probably weren’t certified fitness trainers at all and had no knowledge of how to guide you through your exercises and instruct you in the proper combination of diet and exercise.  They were just wannabes that were hired from a newspaper ad or off the street to sell more memberships to their meaningless programs.

Fact #5– if you visited one of those Beverly Hills health clubs and then came back 6 months later, you would probably see that some of the original members from your first visit that you recognize don’t look any better or any more fit than the first time you saw them.

Fact #6– their wannabe personal trainers don’t have a clue about personal fitness and health.  They just take your money when they sign you up, park you on an exercise machine, and then wander off to sell more memberships.  They are only committed to one thing – their commission checks, not your success at achieving your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

Is this the kind of fitness and weight loss program that you really want to invest your hard earned money into and only see empty promises instead of real results?

If this is the case, then our Beverly Hills health club programs are not for you.  It just doesn’t make any sense that a person would invest in programs like those and yet they do.  You have to decide whether you want to invest in your fitness and health or if you just want to keep sitting there in front of the computer or TV, eating junk food all the time, and getting unhealthier with every day that passes.


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