Why do so many Beverly Hills boot camps fail their clients?
Because they don’t employ certified personal trainers who know how to guide you and
instruct you properly!

That may sound like advertising hype, but it’s not.  We know because many of our members and even some of our own Beverly Hills boot camp trainers have experienced this.  They got sucked in by some clipboard carrying wannabe posing as a personal trainer and threw away their money on a fitness and weight loss program that didn’t work.  The harsh reality is that the majority of the Beverly Hills boot camps employ that tactic so that they can gain more members.  See if this sounds familiar.

You walked into some other Beverly Hills bootcamp and were approached by who you thought was a personal trainer.  They took you for a tour of their facility and showed you all there fancy exercise equipment and promised that you would see results in a certain period of time.  You made the mistake of signing up with them and giving them your hard-earned money and the next thing you know, you’re stuck on one of those exercise machines for hours without any guidance or supervision.  Why? Because that so-called personal trainer walked off so that they could sell another membership and fatter their commission check even more.

Visit our Beverly Hills boot camp and see what it is like to talk to a certified personal trainer who can guide you and instruct you properly with the right combination of diet and exercise!

Our Beverly Hills bootcamp programs are not like any you have ever seen.  In fact, even though you may not be familiar with the exercises we teach you, you’re going to be surprised at how simple they are and how fast you start seeing noticeable results.  You’ll have a real personal trainer that is dedicated to your success at achieving your fitness and weight loss goals, not some clipboard carrying wannabe that doesn’t have the first clue about fitness training.

They’re going to hold you accountable so you don’t miss your weekly workout sessions, and it only takes three of these each week to start seeing results while you are still able to have a life outside of the fitness center.  They will keep you motivated with intense workouts that are exciting and enjoyable while you push yourself to exceed any limits in the past.  Most importantly, what separates our Beverly Hills boot camp from all of the others out there is the fact that our personal trainers will teach you how to maintain your new, healthier lifestyle so you keep the weight off permanently.


Bring your dedication, your desire, and your determination and you will achieve your fitness and weight loss goals!

The only way that you can fail with one of our Beverly Hills bootcamp programs is if you quit and your personal trainer won’t let that happen.  So what are you waiting for?

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