Kettlebells & Flexibility

Kettlebells & flexibility are two terms that fit like a hand and glove. When you do strength training exercises, the goal is to tighten muscles and build muscle strength. But there's another goal – to increase flexibility.

Supple and Lithe

Kettlebell exercises are multi-joint and multi-muscles exercises. When you do a kettlebell clean you're doing a squat, bend and weight lift. You utilize the hamstrings, core abdomen muscles, shoulders and arms. In other words, you exercise the entire muscular and skeletal system which improves strength and flexibility.

Everyone needs help staying flexible. Even seasoned weightlifters must continually strive to keep the body flexible to be able to continue lifting weights. Athletes need flexibility in order to compete. Exercisers need flexibility in order to do the necessary moves for the various exercises. For example, no-impact yoga exercises require a high degree of flexibility in order to complete.

Use kettlebells & flexibility is increased, because the kettlebell exercises involve full range of motion. This increases not only flexibility, but also agility and balance. In other words, joints and muscles are forced to expand beyond current limitations that arbitrarily exist from improper exercise techniques.

When you exercise in a gym with equipment, your motion is limited by the machine's settings. There are no arbitrary limitations with kettlebells. Your body goes into full motion and contraction during the kettlebell sets and repetitions, keeping the body supple and lithe.

Everyday Aches and Pains

Kettlebells are ideal for everyone, not just for professional powerlifters and bodybuilders. When you read the hype about kettlebells you can get the impression they are only for professional and competitive weightlifters. That's simply not the case.

One of the reasons people experience general aches and pains is because they aren't exercising properly or enough. Muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons have to be used and worked and twisted and made to exert effort to stay supple.

Use kettlebells & flexibility is maintained throughout the body. You don't have to use heavy weights to get the benefits of kettlebell exercises. I can show you how to use the lighter weights at home so you can avoid the annoying and aggravating aches and pains that limit your movement throughout the day.

Kettlebells strengthen the back, shoulders, abdomen muscles and legs. Increased flexibility results from the deep moves you make to complete the exercises, and from the design of the kettlebells. You will do deep squats, overhead presses, lunges, waist twists and pulls.

Using weights during the exercises increases joint flexibility as you work to stabilize the body during the program. The kettlebells are designed to be slightly off-balance which forces your muscles to flex more in order to maintain control.

Kettlebells & flexibility are two terms that make a perfect team. Whether you are tired of the daily aches and pains due to lack of muscle strength, or are preparing for the next weightlifting competition, kettlebells are the solution. Contact Griffin and get help designing a progressive program that will add flexibility to your life.