Kettlebells and Getting Strong

If you use kettlebells and getting strong is your goal – watch out! You are going to meet and exceed your goals if you follow proper techniques and vary your routines. Kettlebells offer a superior way to develop strength without injuring your muscles and joints.

Kettlebells and Getting Strong … Stronger … Strongest!

The problem with isolation exercises such as those normally performed at a fitness center are their propensity to cause joint damage. The muscular-skeletal system is an integrated set of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. You cannot work one without affecting all the others.

This is such a simple concept and yet people continue to injure themselves at fitness centers. The result is a strong single muscle and a weak joint, or torn and bruised surrounding ligaments. Using kettlebells and getting stronger by doing exercises that utilize all the muscle groups as an integrated unit only makes sense.

When you oil a machine, you don't oil one bolt – you oil all of them. When you turn the machine on, you don't work one component – you work the whole piece of equipment. The body operates under the same principle. Using kettlebells and getting stronger is like greasing the whole piece of machinery so it works smoother.

Getting stronger with a kettlebells strength training program involves performing progressively more intensive workouts using challenging weight amounts. There are many different kettlebell exercises.