Kettlebells for Improved Athletic Conditioning

You can use kettlebells for improved athletic conditioning in a variety of sports and activities. Sports conditioning involves developing the power and endurance needed to compete throughout an event. But it also includes improving timing and the ability to concentrate on the body so it can complete the tasks required.

Perfect Timing

Using kettlebells for improved athletic conditioning only makes sense, because kettlebell exercises condition the whole body. The exercises require the use of core muscle groups, which are the muscles needed to execute the moves required of any sport.

Kettlebells are extremely effective, because the weights have a slightly off center gravity. As a result, the stabilizer muscles must work harder to maintain balance and momentum. This is the secret of the incredible power behind kettlebell exercises.

Sports conditioning involves more than just muscle development. It also involves improving timing, increasing endurance and enhancing speed. Kettlebells exercises are effective at developing these attributes for efficient sports training.

When you are doing a Turkish get up or a double-arm swing, timing is critical. Without proper timing, the weight will become off balance, and you'll lose control. In addition, the longer you stick with a kettlebell workout program, the more endurance you'll develop.

Shocking Experience

Any sport or athletic activity requires the ability to absorb shock. Basketball players must absorb the shock of sudden turns and twists on the court. Football players are constantly absorbing the shock of being tackled. Combat sport enthusiasts take hits and blows to all parts of the body.

Using kettlebells for improved athletic conditioning improves overall body strength so that athletes can withstand the grueling requirements placed on the body. Muscles are strengthened to capacity and core muscle groups are developed to rock hard condition. Weightlifters use kettlebells to build muscle strength faster for a training edge.

Kettlebell muscle strengthening programs offer another advantages too. The exercises increase stamina. They strengthen grip. They make joint injuries less likely, because after working with kettlebell weights, the joints have been strengthened along with muscles.

Many martial arts programs have adopted kettlebell training as an integral component of their martial arts training. Kettlebell exercises increase hip and joint flexibility while strengthening core muscle groups. Martial arts programs require a lot of kicks, which require the leg to extend from the hip.

Teams or individuals using kettlebells for improved athletic conditioning discover they are practical too. Kettlebells are easy to transport to a field for practice, but they're just as easy to use in your garage. That means anyone can enjoy kettlebell training wherever it's convenient.

To get the most benefit from your kettlebells for improved athletic conditioning, you should learn proper technique from a personal trainer. A personal trainer like Griffin can develop a program that fits your athletic needs.

Kettlebell training develops muscles through strength building exercises using weights. As your strength grows, so can the number of sets and repetitions. Athletes interested in developing strength, endurance, timing, flexibility and concentration can't find anything else that addresses all the needs with a single set of exercises like kettlebells.

If you have been wondering how to power-up your athletic conditioning, kettlebells are the answer!