Los Angeles Kettlebell Class

So think you don't need a Los Angeles kettlebell class, because kettlebells are only two weights after all. But if that's true, why are you stuck in a rut and not achieving the results you hoped to see? Or why have you never started kettlebell training at all?

Shouldn't Be Alone at a Time Like This …

A kettlebell class can help you in many ways including getting you off the plateau and onto the next level of physical performance and results. It's not hard to learn how to use kettlebells, but it's still wise to attend my Los Angeles kettlebell class. There are many reasons why this is true.

First, kettlebells are weights, and improper technique can cause injury. For example, when you are learning the kettlebell clean, it's important to understand hand grips that allow the weight to swing around the arm without injury. If you don't understand how to use your body to control the weight, the weight will control you!

Second, the incredible results you see with kettlebell strength training are only achieved after you learn proper posture, stance and positioning. When you squat wrong, or hold your arms incorrectly, or don't flatten your back, much of the benefits of the exercise are lost. You can workout regularly and discover you are still not seeing what the ads promised.

When you take my Los Angeles kettlebell class you'll get the advantages of personal advice concerning your performance. Everyone is different and has different problems to overcome. In a class, you can learn the right way to do the exercises, and you can also learn a variety of exercises.

There are basic kettlebell exercises such as the clean, clean and snatch, swing, windmills and Turkish get up. But there are also many variations on those exercises that enhance the program and prevent boredom.

My Los Angeles kettlebell class is motivating also, inspiring you to achieve your personal goals. You can workout alone at home with kettlebells, but half the fun of getting in shape is sharing the experience with other people who have the same goals.

How Many Times?

There's another reason why you should attend my Los Angeles kettlebell class. Kettlebell training intensity is increased in 3 primary ways.

First, intensity is increased by adding weight amount when the time is right. Second, intensity of the workout is increased by increasing the number of sets and repetitions. Third, the intensity is increased by adding variations to the exercises in the right order.

A person attempting to increase their workout intensity without professional assistance is likely to make some wrong decisions. How do you know how many repetitions to add? How many sets should you be doing at each session? What variations will work the best?

The next step you should take, no matter whether you need beginning kettlebell training or want to power up your current program, is to contact me. I can quickly add you to my Los Angeles kettlebell class or work with you one-on-one. The choice is yours to make.