Los Angeles Personal Trainer

A Los Angeles personal trainer can help you overcome the problems you have had in the past trying to lose weight. Weight loss is never easy and anyone who tries to tell differently is probably trying to sell you a product that doesn't work. Weight loss programs should be personalized and adaptable and only a personal trainer can help you meet those goals.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Lighten Up!

The first step a Los Angeles personal trainer will take when developing a weight loss program is to complete an assessment of your current lifestyle. You will be asked to log everything you eat and drink for a short period of time. You will be amazed at how many calories you are consuming and not counting.

A personal training program should always begin with a review of your typical week. You will work with the Los Angeles personal trainer and evaluate your working hours, sleeping problems and recreational activities. This evaluation coupled with the calorie intake log will reveal the calories you intake versus the calories you burn.

With this information the Los Angeles personal trainer can program a dietary and exercise plan for losing and maintaining weight. The goal is to lose no more than 2 pounds a week. This gives your body time to adjust to the weight loss program and you minimize the risk of not eating enough nutrients.

A Los Angeles personal trainer will focus on calorie control and increased activity. It is like attacking the weight problem from two sides. As in any war, when you surround the enemy, the battle has a better chance of being won. The enemy in this case is excess weight, and the battle is a fitness and nutrition plan.

Hurry Up!

A Los Angeles personal trainer can design a nutrition plan that reduces the amount of calories you intake in order to lose weight. But any good weight loss program will also include an increase in physical activity. How overweight you are will determine the pace of the activity.

A fitness program will be designed to burn excess calories that your body would store as fat cells. When you raise your physical activity so you are using more calories than you are eating, fat cells are decreased and weight is lost. The types of activities can be varied.

If you have been inactive and are just beginning a physical activity program, the Los Angeles personal trainer will start you off slowly until you build up strength and endurance. You can begin a walking program for example with the distance walked increasing over time. Or you can start a low impact aerobics program.

Eventually, the physical level will have to be increased. From walking you can go to power walking to maybe a slow jog. Or you can start an aerobics step class. There are so many choices today. A Los Angeles fitness trainer can review the options with you each step of the way.

It would be nice if you could lose weight rapidly and keep it off but the body does not work in that manner. You must treat your body with respect and honor its ability to adapt. Maintaining good health must be made a priority in your life. Stop listening to the wild promises of instant weight loss success and begin a program that works …. and lasts a lifetime.