Kettlebell Combination Lifts

Kettlebell combination lifts acknowledge the fact that the more you work a variety of muscles during an exercise, the more benefit you get in terms of overall conditioning. Have you ever been to the gym and wondered why someone's arms look out of proportion to the rest of their body? Or have you seen someone who can push hundreds of pounds of weight with their legs, but can’t do 10 pushups?

Kettlebell Combination Lifts – All Alone

The reason their bodies appear to be out of proportion is due to concentration on exercises that work in isolation. In other words, the exercise focuses on one set of muscles and pays no attention to the rest of the body. That doesn't happen with kettlebell training and kettlebell combination lifts.

To make your body strong and conditioned all over, not just in certain spots, requires doing exercises that use the core muscle groups. The abdomen muscles are the muscles that support the back, enable you to maintain posture, and give the needed balance and flexibility during weight training. Kettlebell combination lifts don't work alone, like lifting dumbbells or doing leg presses.

Kettlebell combination lifts include several exercises such as the following.

  • Clean and Push Press
  • Clean and Jerk

Working with a personal trainer, you can also develop a kettlebell strength training program that utilizes the combination lifts for the ultimate power building program.

Kettlebell Combination Lifts – Mixing it Up

Kettlebell combination lifts mix what are normally individual exercises into one. For example, the clean and press is made up of the clean exercise with a follow through to an upward press. The description of the exercise coveys the body power and strength that will be developed through repetitions. Instead of going it alone with one exercise at a time, the combination lifts use the core muscles, the legs and the arms and even the back and chest muscles.

Combination lifts are also highly effective, because the exercises are performed with no rest or recovery. Fluidity is the key to success.

You can't create a more effective exercise program than one that uses kettlebell combination lifts. The combination of exercises builds stability that is unrivaled by other programs. This physical power and strength carries over into athletic prowess also.

It is important to remember that proper technique must be maintained throughout the kettlebell combination lifts. The benefits include:

  • Increase in body strength
  • Increased endurance
  • More energy
  • Lower body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved physique

You can lift, push, swing and press kettlebells on your way to the physique you have always wanted and never knew how to get. Utilizing the entire body, kettlebell workout routines drive the body to call upon all its muscular power to move the weight. The weight design uses a center of gravity that forces muscles to work, work, work.

If you are looking for a way to increase your workout intensity, the kettlebell combination lifts are the perfect answer.