Kettlebell Figure 8

At some stage, you will be ready to add the kettlebell figure 8 exercise to your routine. The first step in kettlebell training was learning the basic exercises. These included the swing, clean, press and snatch.

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But at some point, these basic skills will need to be intensified in order to make physical improvements. You want to always be working on increasing your strength and endurance as you seek your peak levels. That means you need to begin adding repetitions and new exercises.

At the intermediate stage of kettlebell training, you will begin to move away from the simplest moves like the deadlift. Instead, you will need to consider increasing your weight, adding more set and repetitions, or doing both. The kettlebell figure 8 is a power exercise that requires practice in order to achieve fluidity of motion.

The kettlebell figure 8 is just like it sounds – the weight is moved in a figure 8 between and around your legs. Start by passing the kettlebell from the left to the right hand, and using the left again to control the weight, pass the weight between your legs back to the right hand.

You should be bent at the waist. The weight is always passed from front to back. Repeat for the number of repetitions you can handle without losing your form.

You must keep your knees soft and your eyes forward. Also, always keep your abdomen muscles contracted. Proper form requires you don't bend forward too far which will be the inclination if you are just learning the move. If you can't keep good form for at least 3 sets, you are probably using a weight that's too heavy.

There are many variations to the kettlebell figure 8 that have been developed. There are also combination kettlebell exercises that include the figure 8. For example, there is a combination exercise that combines lunging with the figure 8.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato …. Four

One of the kettlebell figure 8 variation exercises is called Hot Potato. The hot potato is a figure 8 where the weight is passed around the side and behind the back. You treat the weight like it's a hot potato and get it shifted from hand to hand as quickly as possible.

When you watch video of someone doing the kettlebell figure 8 exercise properly, it's obviously a great exercise for developing the core stabilizer muscles. You will work your back and abs, and will improve your ability to maintain stance during strenuous activity.

All kettlebell exercises can be physically demanding, and the figure 8 is no different. It is a powerhouse abdomen exercise. You begin with your abdomen muscles contracted, and they must remain that way until you complete your sets. It's an ideal exercise for both men and women who want flat abs and low body fat.

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