Kettlebell Side Press

In football, being on the sidelines isn't where you want to be if you are anxious to help your team win the game. But sometimes, the sidelines are exactly what you want to focus on – such as your body sidelines. They are better known as the obliques which are also abdominal core muscles, and the kettlebell side press can make them sleek and lean.

On the Sidelines With a Kettlebell Side Press

Now what if you could work the field and the sidelines at the same time? In kettlebell training, every exercise works more than one muscle group. It is effective and efficient training that can be as intense as you want it to be, and as powerful as you desire.

The kettlebell side press works the abdomen muscles, the arm muscles, the back muscles, the shoulders and even the legs as they provide the stability and balance needed to executive the move. You can be a player that wins the game no matter whether you are on the field or on the sidelines.

The kettlebell side press is typical of the kettlebell exercise maneuvers. Kettlebells work compound muscle groups and never muscles in isolation. To perform the side press, begin with the single kettlebell clean exercise. Once the kettlebell is in position on the forearm, push the hip on the kettlebell side of the body out and begin to fold to the side at the waist.

At this point, you need to keep the arm holding the weight up while folding. The right foot should be turned 45 degrees to the right if the kettlebell is in the left hand. Also remember to keep your shoulder aligned with your hip. You can do a couple of things at this stage depending on your fitness level.

You can try to put your free hand on the floor. If you really want to power up your exercise, add a military press at the top. Now we can see if you are as fit as you think. Whatever you do, don't lose your concentration on your arm and the weight so you maintain proper form.

When you are folding your body, you are actually holding the arm in place and letting the body do the moving. The kettlebell side press is a great exercise that strengthens all the body muscle groups.

Scoring Points

The key to getting the most out of the kettlebell side press is maintaining proper alignment of the body throughout the entire exercise. This is important to prevent injury, but also to get the most benefit. The hips must be out and the back leg holding the body weight.

Like all kettlebell exercises, the side press should be completed in as fluid movement as possible. The side press is very similar to the kettlebell windmill by the way. In the windmill the kettlebell is snatched overhead and then the body is lowered.

The kettlebell side press should be included as one of a set of exercises in a kettlebell strength training program. You will be amazed at the results you begin to see within 30 days. The quick ballistic moves and use of sheer muscle power creates the lean body you thought would never be possible without hundreds of hours in the gym.

Don't just stand on the sidelines and watch. Get into the game and show them your abilities.