Kettlebell Snatch

The benefits of exercises like the kettlebell snatch lie in the resistance used during basic moves. The weight must be controlled throughout the entire exercise and the effort your muscles exert to maintain control creates powerhouse strength training.

Almost Like a Clean

The kettlebell snatch can be used to develop muscle strength for almost anyone. You don't have to be an Olympic weightlifter to enjoy the benefits of kettlebells. In fact, you can be a novice at using weights and quickly master the kettlebells for maximum results.

Like most kettlebell exercises, the kettlebell snatch develops strong core muscles, legs and am and shoulders. You use your core muscles for balance, you legs for lifting your body, and the shoulders and arms to lift the weights. The glory of kettlebell exercises lies in it effectiveness for overall body conditioning.

The kettlebell snatch begins with positioning. Place the kettlebell between you feet. You stand straight first and then go into a squat. The squat must be done with proper technique so you are able to control the weight when you begin to lift.

A good squat requires bent knees and the butt pushed towards the back. You keep your eyes looking forward which means the head is up. Keep the knees soft so you don't injure your joints. Your back should be maintained in a flat position.

At this point, the kettlebell is ready to be snatched. First tighten your body muscles. The muscle resistance against the weight is where the first power muscle building takes place. The whole body should be kept taut throughout the rest of the exercise.

Concentrating on Results

Kettlebell exercises take a lot of concentration. If you don't concentrate, you risk losing muscle control, which defeats the purpose of the exercise. You always want to maintain control of your body muscles.

The next step in the kettlebell snatch is to grasp the kettlebell and swing it back between your legs. Then drive the kettlebell forward, and while its swinging forward, snap the hips forward as you rise up out of the squat.

After you snap your hips, the body is in position to explosively lift the weight. Lift the kettlebell to your shoulder letting it change position in your hand. The weight will shift from the front of the hand to the back.

The final step in the kettlebell snatch is to lift the kettlebell overhead. This is the step that makes the exercise different from the kettlebell clean. At the end of the exercise, the kettlebell is lifted up, the arm is straight and the weight rests on the upper forearm facing to the back.

You can do a one-arm kettlebell snatch. If you really want to increase the intensity of the exercise, there is also a two-arm kettlebell snatch. The most important thing to remember is that, just like the clean, you should master the most basic exercise before attempting the next levels.

When doing repetitions, make sure you don't rest too long between sets. The kettlebell snatch is a ballistic exercise that builds incredible muscle power from your neck to your calves, and everything in between.

The kettlebell snatch produces incredible results that make you wonder why you were wasting time on all those other exercise programs over the years.