Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Kettlebells are weights that use power and ballistic moves, such as the kettlebell Turkish get up, to strengthen the body. Kettlebells are considered one of the best ultimate body conditioning exercise programs. The reason is because the exercises rely on core muscle groups for control and lift.

Facing Up to the Challenge

The kettlebell exercises build the back, the hips, the leg and the arm muscles in addition to the core muscles. You start a kettlebell program by learning how to perform the most basic moves such as the kettlebell clean and the kettlebell snatch. But eventually you'll find you need to begin moving into the more advanced exercises.

The Kettlebell Turkish get up is a more advanced exercise that is also more challenging. It's a full body exercise that doesn't focus on one muscle. It provides whole body conditioning.

Many of the exercises you do at a fitness center are isolation exercises. You may lift weights to build your arm and should muscles. You may do leg lifts to build your quads. Or you might decide to do crunches and strengthen your abdomen muscles.

Exercises like the Turkish get up are full body exercises. They tone and build muscles throughout the entire body and not isolated muscles. When you do the Turkish get up, you will strengthen your core muscles and your shoulders and legs.

You also get the benefit of developing increased flexibility and resilience. The Turkish get up is performed slowly while you maintain control of the weight and your movements. It is not the first exercise you should learn, but it won't take long before you'll be doing this exercise after learning the basic ballistic exercises such as the clean, swing and snatch.

Doing the Deed

The kettlebell Turkish get up begins with you lying on your back. You hold the kettlebell with two hands with the arms straight up. The arm is always kept in the lock out position. Then remove one hand and place it on the floor nest to your body.

The next step in the Turkish get up roll to the left and sit up. You can bend the right leg under the left. Always keep your eye on the kettlebell held up with the elbow and arm locked into position. Don't forget to keep your wrist tight also to avoid injury.

Using the arm that is not holding the kettlebell, prop yourself up on your elbow for support. Then assume a lunge position so that you are on one knee. Then stand up slowly.

To finish the exercise you reverse the moves just as slowly.

This is a great exercise that should be included in any kettlebell program. It builds overall body strength while improving shoulder resiliency. This exercise takes practice, because you're getting up from a floor position with the kettlebell in a locked position.

If you are having trouble with developing your technique for the kettlebell Turkish get up, contact Griffin for assistance. It's important to do the exercises correctly to get the most out of your workouts.