Buying Kettlebells

When you are considering buying kettlebells, the one thing you should remember is that one size does not fit all. Not all men should start with 35 pound weights, and not all women should begin with 18 pounds. There's a wide range of weights available for sale for a reason, and the reason is everyone's different.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Kettlebells originally were sold in weights measured by a "pood" A pood is Russian weight measurement, and one pood equals approximately 16 kg. Sixteen kilograms is the same as 35 pounds.

At one time when you were buying kettlebells, there were a limited number of weight choices. That changed as kettlebells have become more popular. There's now a wide range of kettlebell weights and deciding which ones are best to start your program with can be confusing.

If you lift over 35 pounds in dumbbells, it does not mean you are necessarily ready to lift 35 pound kettlebells. Kettlebells are designed with a whole different gravity, which changes the dynamics of the lifts. The truth is kettlebells are harder to lift, but they also produce quicker and better results.

Here's the interesting fact about training with kettlebells. You need to start with a weight you can handle for three sets of three exercises. But it won't take long before you're ready for additional weight.

The catch is you don't want to try and jump start the program. In other words, you don't want to start your kettlebell workout program with weights that are too heavy. When you use weights that are too heavy, it's impossible to complete the exercises using the correct form.

Making Choices

You don't want to cheat yourself during your exercise program. You should be interested in buying kettlebells you can use properly for building your strength and improving your conditioning.

The best advice is to purchase several sets when buying kettlebells. Purchase a set to begin your training, a set to advance to as you improve, and a set you can use as a goal for ultimate fitness levels.

In other words, you should consider buying kettlebells in different weight sizes so you are ready to institute a workout program without interruption. Weights begin as low as 3 pounds and go up to 100 pounds.

Normally, men will start with 26 lb. or 35 lb. weights. Women will start with 9 lb. or 18 lb. weights. But you can contact Griffin and get assistance with deciding which sets of weights you should consider buying. Griffin will discuss your current physical conditioning and strength and help you figure out where to start your program and how to set the ultimate goal.

Buying kettlebells is easy when you start online. Kettlebell training uses a lot less equipment than training at a fitness center. There's no need for expensive treadmills or elliptical trainers. When you use kettlebells, you get cardiovascular and strength training rolled into 3 sets of weights.

Because you don't have to spend a lot of money on pieces of equipment, buying kettlebells is economical. Looking like a cannonball with a handle, it will shoot your strength building program into high gear. People who switch from regular weight training to kettlebell training are amazed at the results.

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