Kettlebell & Interval Training

Kettlebell & interval training is about increasing the effectiveness of the workout to improve overall conditioning. Interval training is a way to design an exercise program so the body is as fit as possible and ready to handle any activity.

Working Even More …

Interval training is an exercise program that is composed of sets of exercises separated by periods of rest. This kind of training is perfectly suited for strength training using weights. You get the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic activity, followed by short periods of rest that enable another quick burst of high intensity activity.

Kettlebell & interval training programs are designed to overcome the drawbacks to continuous, uninterrupted routines. Muscles have a memory of sorts. Muscles that do the same move over and over again remember the exercise and then have to work less and less to perform the task. That's why people who don't vary their routines see fewer results over a period of time.

Interval training, on the other hand, varies the workload emphasizing quick bursts of high intensity activity followed by a brief rest. The rest gives the muscles an opportunity to recover and be prepared to exert maximum effort again for a short burst. This is true for the heart as well as all the other muscles in your body.

Long repetitive exercise programs become less effective the longer you do them in a single session. It's nearly impossible to maintain form and position for long periods of time. When form is lost, the exercise is not performed properly and you aren't getting maximum benefit.

Kettlebell & interval training is designed to eliminate the problem in workout programs and create a situation where your body is being strengthened the entire time you are doing kettlebell exercises.

Sport Specific

Kettlebell and interval training has another benefit – cardiovascular. During interval training you have short bursts of high energy exercises that get the heart pumping at or near 70% of the target heart rate. The heart rate then decreases during rest and is pumped back up during the next high intensity exercise round. This is the ideal way to improve cardiovascular health.

Kettlebell & interval training programs are ideal for sport specific training. Interval training targets the heart, but it also builds speed and stamina. Sports stamina gives you the ability to play at full energy and muscle power levels at the end of the game.

Workout intensity refers to the physical stress placed on the kettlebell user during the workout. The most intense workout is created with kettlebell & interval training, because the body is asked to work at peak levels for a designated period of time at varying levels. At the most intense level the muscle is exerting 90% of its possible effort.

Interval training can be combined with kettlebell circuit training to promote anaerobic and aerobic activity. In this case circuit training refers to doing a program like 3X3 or 5X5 using a variety of exercises. For kettlebell & interval training to be effective the exercises must last for a short duration so the muscles are not pushed to failure.

All the rest in the world won't allow them to recover quickly enough to do another set if you push too hard or use too heavy weights.

I can help you set up a kettlebell & interval training program that will insure you are getting the most out of your kettlebell training. The best part is you won't have to do any cardio workouts with this program. You'll have already done all the cardio you need for one session!