Kettlebell Aerobic Conditioning

Kettlebell aerobic conditioning is just half of the formula. You can get both aerobic and anaerobic benefits using kettlebells unlike traditional strength training programs. Aerobic conditioning is all about cardiovascular health and how your body uses oxygen.

Best of Both Worlds

Aerobic conditioning involves the consumption of oxygen. When your heart and circulatory systems are healthy, the body is able to intake oxygen and get it to where it's needed. Aerobic conditioning refers to the body's ability to supply oxygen during sustained activity over a long period of time.

Anaerobic conditioning literally means "without oxygen". Anaerobic conditioning is where the body needs more energy than the oxygen supply can provide. The body turns to muscles looking for fuel. Anaerobic conditioning refers to the body's ability to supply fuel during intense and short bursts of activity.

Clearly, kettlebell aerobic conditioning involves both sides of the coin. It's the best of both worlds. Kettlebell workouts blend resistance training, endurance training, anaerobic conditioning and aerobic conditioning into sets and repetitions of exercises.

Traditional weightlifters most often experience anaerobic conditioning, because they don't do sustained activity. There are long rests between lifts. But kettlebell training is different, because it's ballistic. That means you don't take long rests between exercises or repetitions. You keep the body and the heart working throughout the entire routine.

The result is increased cardiovascular health which serves you well long after you are done exercising. Aerobic conditioning is important for sustaining activity during workouts, but it's more important for maintaining the quality of your life. Aerobic conditioning lessens the chances for developing chronic diseases over your lifetime, and improves all bodily functioning.

Burning Fat!

Kettlebell aerobic conditioning is a fat burner! At least that's the way it seems. When you do exercises that improve aerobic conditioning, you increase your metabolism. Increased metabolism means your body doesn’t store fat when combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Kettlebells build lean muscle mass. When you do a sustained kettlebell workout, you are getting aerobic conditioning while strengthening your muscles. You develop cardiovascular fitness and lose body fat at the same time.

The intensity of the kettlebell aerobic conditioning far exceeds aerobic conditioning you get doing traditional exercises like treadmill walking or aerobic classes. The kettlebell exercises lead to increased oxygen and fat usage both during and after the workout is completed. In other words, you continue to burn fat for up to 48 hours after you're done exercising.

That's why people see such incredible fat burning results with kettlebell training. Kettlebell users have lean bodies they were unable to achieve with traditional cardio workouts.

If you want to know more about kettlebell aerobic conditioning, call Griffin. You can get assistance with setting your fat burning goals using kettlebell exercises.