Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Clean

Learning the proper technique for the kettlebell clean is about getting the most out of your exercises while preventing injury. Men usually start kettlebell training with the 53 or 35 pound kettlebell, while women begin a program with an 18 pound bell. In either case, you are talking about lifting and swinging a weight made of iron.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Clean – Doing it Right!

Quite a few of the kettlebell exercises begin with the clean. It is an exercise in and of itself, and it is also the foundation move for several other exercises. Unless you are fond of hernias, injured lower backs and broken wrists, it is advisable to learn the proper technique for the kettlebell clean.

Men and women can perform the clean, and the same principle applies – don't just do it – do it the right way.

  • Bend the knees keeping the back straight
  • Bend forward slightly at the waist with the butt out
  • Raise the kettlebells in a quick and explosive move snapping the hip forward
  • Keep shoulders over the bells
  • Pull the kettlebells up
  • Rotate elbows until they are under the weights
  • Fluidly raise weights
  • Weight ends resting behind the hand on the forearm near the upper shoulder

It is critical the weight not be allowed to hit your wrist or arm while swinging it up to your shoulder. Also, while lifting the weight to the shoulder, use a fluid movement and keep knees flexed. You are using your knees and ankles as shock absorbers.

Moving On To Bigger and Better Things

Once you learn the proper technique for the kettlebell clean, you can perform other kettlebell drills that require the weights to be lifted to the shoulder. For example, you can begin to do the clean and jerk, and clean and press kettlebell exercises. You can also do single or double cleans using one or two weights.

It doesn't take long to learn the proper technique for the kettlebell clean. That means you will not be doing simple kettlebell cleans for long. But they are ideal for an easy exercise between more intense exercises or as part of a conditioning routine.

Kettlebell training is so effective that progression comes quickly. Kettlebells also add an element of excitement to workouts, because they burn fat quickly. Seeing the first results after a month is inspiring when compared to the plodding pace of other strength training programs.

In addition, proper technique for the kettlebell clean and other kettlebell exercises results in more muscle use than you can ever achieve with dumbbells. The hip thrusts, arm pulls, torso balancing, and sheer muscle effort required by a clean exercise, give compound muscle benefit. A dumbbell does not use multiple sets of muscle groups.

Start learning the proper technique for the kettlebell clean and then get ready to move on to bigger and better things – like the military press.