Kettlebell Butt

You probably want a kettlebell butt, even if you don't know it yet. The kettlebell exercises strengthen the entire body, but in the process you get a wonderful result called the "kettlebutt". No, it's not a butt shaped like a kettle – it's a set of hips and butt and thighs that are trim, strong and nicely shaped.

Kettlebell Butt Wonders

To get a kettlebell butt is remarkably easy when you use kettlebells. That's because every time you do a set of kettlebell exercises you're doing kettlebell butt exercises too. Kettlebell exercises engage all the muscles in the body, but many of them begin with or involve squats and lunges.

For example, the kettlebell clean and swing begin with a squat. The Turkish get up involves a lunge position as you rise from the floor with kettlebell extended. Other exercises such as the figure 8 and the snatch utilize the same concepts making them powerhouse moves and great for developing the "kettlebutt".

The squat is an exercise used in strength training that engages the lower body. The exercise emphasizes the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It is the exercise that tightens hips and butts faster than any other exercise.

That's why women's programs often concentrate on doing squats and lunges, because genetically women have a higher propensity to accumulate fat around the hip area. Kettlebell butt exercises are ideal for women who have become discouraged with the results they've seen from traditional workouts.

Kettlebell butt exercises can shift the workout into the next level.

Kettlebutt Dreams

We all have dreams about how we want to look. Both men and women envision themselves with taut muscles and a well-balanced body. Even current powerlifters look in the mirror and wish they could tighten the hamstrings even more, or strengthen the hip muscles in preparation for lifting more weight.

Kettlebell squats are the means to the end. Squats are considered one of the most powerful and effective exercises, because they use multiple joints at the same time. They specifically target the hips, glutes and thigh muscles.

When you do kettlebell exercises, you are doing kettlebell butt exercises in addition to working the other muscles in your body. You can begin to understand why kettlebell exercises are so effective.

In addition to tightening the butt, you will also strengthen the muscles that girdle your lower abdomen area. The resistance training inherent in kettlebell exercises is ideal for achieving all exercise goals whether it be increasing strength for lifting additional weight or getting rid of the "pear shape" and changing body shape.

The kettlebell butt is something everyone can achieve. Strength workouts are best when they involve many different exercises that work the desired muscles. Kettlebell programs work all the muscles providing both overall conditioning and targeting specific muscles.

You'll do plenty of squats with weights when completing kettlebell exercises. You'll also be adding plenty of lunges as you advance in strength and style. You should contact me if you need assistance designing a routine that will achieve your goals.

I'll be happy to work with you to insure you get the most benefit out of your kettlebell exercises.

Doing kettlebell butt exercises is really no different than doing general kettlebell exercises. That's the glory of the kettlebells. You can stop dreaming of having a different body shape or a kettlebutt and start working on getting it!