Kettlebell Power Programs

There is not a person on the face of the earth who would say that a program that works to strengthen the entire body is not an exceptional program. That is the perfect definition of kettlebell power programs. They build muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle power.

Kettlebell Power Programs – My Cheating Muscles

Most people would also agree that everyone needs muscle toning, conditioning and strength. There's no argument that it can get down to a matter of degree though. There are those who exercise regularly and those who compete professionally as bodybuilders and weightlifters.

But one thing everyone who exercises has in common is the need to reach goals. The kettlebell power programs can help anyone at any level achieve their fitness goals. The power programs utilize a combination of kettlebell exercises with increasing weights to build strength.

In addition to power, the kettlebell program develops maximum core stability, balance and stabilization. But the kettlebell power program does this through training the body to maintain control during exercises. The control of the weight is the key.

This key to a kettlebell power program is using a heavier weight that results in fewer repetitions. If you can go through your kettlebell exercises and complete all the repetitions and sets without difficulty, you are not getting the maximum benefit. It has become too easy for you.

Exercising is not about being comfortable or getting by as easy as possible. It is about challenging the body so that it is forced to work hard. If you lift weights and don't break a sweat, then you are cheating on yourself. You may not have realized you can cheat on yourself, but arbitrarily limiting your power training means your muscles are being given a free ride.

Honest Assessment

The amateur exerciser and the professional powerlifters use Kettlebell power programs. It only makes sense when you consider that Russian powerlifters are the men who first used the weights to achieve world class strength.

Kettlebell power programs do not use repetitions as the most important guideline for measuring progress. Instead, the amount of weight is considered first. This may mean reducing the number of repetitions, but the extra force exerted by the muscles proves the weight amount is how you can push yourself to progress.

Even if you are not an Olympic weightlifter, a kettlebell power program should be an integral part of your exercise routine. Using weights is how you create muscular endurance. Mothers, office workers, competitors, men, women and weekend athletes can benefit from weightlifting.

About now you might be thinking you don't really need to use kettlebell power programs. But including strength training as a core component of an exercise program is crucial to burning fat and building muscle. Increasing the weight means you continually challenge your muscles to improve.

It is not uncommon to hear people complain at the gym about hitting a plateau or not getting the results they expect. But are they working their muscles? They might believe they are doing all they can do for training, but in reality are only maintaining at a level their muscles have been trained to maintain

If you are man using 35 pound weights or a woman using 18 pound weights, try the next level and see if you don't feel the results the first time. Be honest with yourself and make your body work.