Kettlebell Strength Programs

Life is hectic today making kettlebell strength programs perfect for any lifestyle. Let's face it – having good intentions and acting on those intentions are two entirely different things. Kettlebells give you a way to become a person of action achieving personal goals.

Kettlebell Strength Training Programs – Bragging Rights!

To earn "bragging rights" you have to be able to show results. Strength training is an important component of any exercise program. To lose weight, build muscle and lower the body mass index, you must complete a 3-part program.

First you must eat healthy and consume fewer calories than you burn. Second you must do aerobic exercises that increase the heart beats to 70% of the maximum target rate. Third you must include strength training exercises.

Kettlebells have been used by Russian athletes for years because of the incredible results that can be achieved with regular use. Russian athletes have bragging rights and you can too! Kettlebell strength programs work all the major muscle groups in your body to create a lean and toned body.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional weightlifter or an at-home exerciser, kettlebell strength programs can be adapted to fit your personal goals and lifestyle. Kettlebell training uses compound exercises that burn fat and build muscle. The exercises are so effective, because the entire body muscle structure is engaged and not just isolated muscles.

With a Flourish

You can brag all you want, but until the muscles are toned and strengthened you better hope the beach bully never kicks the sand in your face. Kettlebell strength training programs include several basic exercises that can be expanded as you gain strength with the "clean" being the most basic of all.

  • Clean
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Jerk
  • Windmill
  • Row

The kettlebell strength programs combine the exercises in a way that the maximum number of muscles is utilized during any session. The compound exercises include multiple moves such as the double clean and press, or the clean and snatch that work more than one muscle group at a time.

Kettlebell strength programs are designed to build muscle strength in preparation for building muscle endurance. As you strengthen muscles the result will be the ability to use heavier weights while increasing the number of repetitions and sets. You begin with a low volume that maximizes muscle effort without leaving you exhausted.

Kettlebell strength programs can be incorporated into any lifestyle. You may be a dedicated bodybuilder who spends hours at the gym or a stay-at-home mother who wants to stay healthy and fit. Kettlebell training doesn't take much room or time or money.

If you do want to pursue an aggressive strength training program, kettlebell exercises are the perfect solutions. Kettlebells can be used alone or incorporated into another program that uses dumbbells or bars. They can complement an aerobic program also.

The availability of kettlebell strength programs is growing rapidly as people come to understand their effectiveness. The overall conditioning and balance improvement along with stronger muscles you get when working with kettlebells means an all around healthier body. A personal trainer can help you learn the right kettlebell moves or assist you with redesigning your exercise program to achieve your personal fitness goal.