Kettlebell Weight Training

Kettlebell weight training builds muscle size and power. Actually, it builds explosive power through ballistic moves. That's why kettlebells are used by those training for Olympic weightlifting.

Kettlebell Weight Training – The Right Stuff

But you don't have to be a professional weightlifter to take advantage of kettlebell weight training. The key is to begin with one of the lower weights and begin regular training, but move to more weight as soon as possible. One of the biggest mistakes exercisers make with kettlebells is using weights that are too light.

If you can do too many repetitions too easily, the weights are too light. If the training session is to easy, you are not getting the most benefit out of your program. The truth is this applies to any fitness program. If you don't push yourself you may very be wasting your time.

It is very common to hear people at the gym complaining they don't feel like they are accomplishing much. That's the reason – they aren't. They aren't working their muscles to the point where they must exert real force.

Kettlebell weight training uses different amounts of weights depending upon where you are in your training program. Men normally start with a 35-pound weight and women start with a 26-pound weight. But both men and women can start lower if this is their first weight training attempt.

No one likes to be told to take it slow, but kettlebell weight training should not be rushed. Proper technique, a variety of exercises and progressively increasing volume are indicators of a good program.

Flying High

If you follow a kettlebell weight training program faithfully, it won't take long to begin using heavier weights. Heavy kettlebell training insures you are pushing your muscles to exert maximum effort. But be prepared to do fewer repetitions than you could with the lighter weights. That is the point of using heavier weights.

Heavy kettlebell weight training is ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, weight lifters or those simply interested in testing their bodies. Muscles gain strength and power by increasing in size. The way they increase is through tiny tears that form during the effort. If you don't cause the muscles to reach that point, power and strength will not increase.

The rule of thumb is to move to heavier weights when you can do thirty repetitions with the current weight. Progress in weight lifting occurs when intensity is kept at a high level. Kettlebell weight training should never get comfortable, because at that point you are not making any progress.

As usual, there is a word of caution to the wise. Though you must challenge your muscles to improve, be careful you do not progress too quickly. That is how most injuries occur – attempting to lift weights that are too heavy.

Kettlebell weight training will include a variety of exercises that work all the muscle groups in the body.