Kettlebell Work Outs

Let's face it – sometimes we need to be jolted out of complacency. Kettlebell work outs provide the jolt that fits any workout style or routine. It is easy to be lulled into thinking you are doing all you can do to stay fit.

Kettlebell Work Outs - Exercise Jolts

After all, the expensive equipment, the free weights and the aerobic classes have to be working. But the truth is there is only one way to achieve maximum fitness levels and that's by first developing strong core muscles followed by the remaining muscle groups.

Ratcheting up your exercise program is easy with kettlebell work outs. You can forget the boring treadmills and isolation exercises. With two kettlebells, you can lose fat and build your muscle size and strength.

Kettlebell work outs have several advantages over traditional workouts.

  • Equipment simple to store unlike bulky fitness equipment
  • Improves physique
  • Tests physical agility
  • Strengthens core muscles while developing muscle power in other areas
  • Reduces fat

But what exactly is a kettlebell? If you don't understand what a kettlebell is then you can't understand kettlebell work outs.

Smart Work Outs

There's a reason many weights are called "dumbbells" – they aren't smart enough to challenge your muscles! Kettlebells, on the other hand, are designed so that the center of gravity forces your muscles to resist against the movement of the weight. This intensifies the work out in every respect.

The kettlebell work outs use iron weights that are round with a flattened bottom and a handle. They come in various sizes ranging from 8 pounds to 105 pounds. Obviously, very few people use the 105 pound weights. In fact, men normally max out at the 53 pound weight and women at 26 pounds, but there are no limits.

Kettlebell work outs use both standard weight training exercises and power exercises. The standard exercises include the familiar curls and rows. The power moves are snatches, jerks and swings. The most basic move is the clean whereby the iron weight is lifted from the ground to the shoulder.

Kettlebell work outs are not limited to the basic moves though. The program can also include windmills, Turkish get-up, clean and press, clean and jerk, double front squats and many more. The work outs can benefit both men and women.

The shape of the kettlebell improves grip and the center of gravity makes you use your core stabilizing muscles. The gravity design also forces muscles to work longer than they would with dumbbells. The kettlebells are masters of design for maximizing human body effort and results.

If you want to spend your time doing smart work outs, kettlebells are the answer. They are fun to use and produce results quicker than other exercise equipment. But it is also important to understand that kettlebell training must also include the same elements as any good work out program.

To be effective, work out programs must include a good nutritional diet. To lose fat, exercises that build muscle must be combined with a diet that minimizes fat development.

In other words, eat healthy and use kettlebell work outs for smart training. Together, your metabolism will be unable to resist the urge to speed up. When you burn calories faster, you lose fat faster.