Kettlebells & Coordination

Kettlebells & coordination are a matched set. When you watch a kettlebell athlete throwing a kettlebell from hand to hand with perfect precision, about all you can say is, "Wow!" Most people never reach that level of athletic performance, and to be honest, don't really want to due to lack of time or interest.


What people of all physical conditioning do want though is improved coordination – both overall physical coordination and hand-to-eye coordination. Kettlebells & coordination training are the ideal way to improve your conditioning, agility, coordination and strength. You get all the benefits of a full-blown workout simply by using kettlebells.

Life is full of activities requiring coordination. Athletes need coordination on the field. Workers need coordination on the job. Seniors need coordination to avoid bone-breaking injuries. Weightlifters need coordination to achieve peak performance.

With kettlebells & coordination training, anyone can reach their goals. Kettlebells provide extremely functional training. Functional training involves developing those muscles and movements needed for everyday living including sporting activities or work. When you use kettlebells, you use your own core stability to maintain position while increasing range of motion.

Powerful and ballistic moves require intense concentration and hand-to-eye coordination. You cannot lift kettlebells quickly in repetitive snatches unless you can focus on the weights and your stance with the end goal of proper weight placement. This requires coordination and training.

The wonderful feature of kettlebells is you are never developing only one physical benefit at a time. You don't work on just improving flexibility or just improving coordination. You work on developing power, agility, strength, flexibility and coordination at the same time.

Unity of Movement

Kettlebells & coordination improvement are a natural mix because kettlebell exercises use multiple muscles at a time. Coordination requires unity of movement. When you are considered "uncoordinated" it means you cannot control certain movements such as walking a straight line, balancing items you pick up, or making certain moves during sporting activities.

Kettlebells can help men and women develop coordination. They can also be used to power up a strength training program that has hit the doldrums. Kettlebell training builds body muscles in unity so they can work in unity.

That's what coordination is all about. Each kettlebell exercise is a total-body exercise that requires concentration on muscle coordination. All the muscles are used so you are never over-training one set of muscles and under-training another. This is a frequent problem at a fitness center when using exercise machines and free weights.

Kettlebells & coordination make the perfect matched set. When you want to develop coordination for daily activities, sport performance or competitive purposes, kettlebells are the right choice.

You can call Griffin and get assistance with developing a kettlebell exercise program that fits your lifestyle. Kettlebell training is easy and practical. Don't let anyone call you uncoordinated!