About Us

From Fat to Fit!

Griffin WhiteBorn and raised in Northern California, I was an active child growing up. My love for sports and fitness was evident - I excelled in soccer, baseball, golf, and tennis. Yet, despite my high activity levels, I persistently struggled with my weight because I maintained a diet full of fast food in during my teen years. You would often see me eating large portions of pizza, hamburgers, tacos, and a lot of other junk food.

As I grew into my 20's, I gained even more weight and then started to develop stomach problems. No longer exercising regularly, my diet continued on a steady decline. All of the toxins I put in my system eventually caught up with me and began to take a toll on my life.

In time, I became tired of being overweight and having no energy; I was determined no longer to live this way and decided to learn how to train my body. After completing the certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I started to see a change; not only did my body change, but each day my confidence and self-esteem improved.

It can be challenging to stay fit and lose weight; no one understands this more than I do. Equally, it can be frustrating to spend a lot of time in the gym and see no results. Whatever your fitness goals may be, they can be achieved. Allow me to show you how to have effective workouts and get you the results you desire.